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Lisa Avebury

Lisa grew up in New York City, a place chock full of Introvert Krypyonite. Growing up, she felt like a being from another planet. Lisa tells you Her-Story about growing up an introvert, HERE.

She moved to LA in her early 20’s. Los Angeles turned out to be another insane city full of busy people trying to “find themselves”. She was exposed to a large number of “let’s do lunch” type encounters and other interactions that made her authenticity seem like something she needed to be cured of.

Lisa began to find balance in Los Angeles once she began exploring the world of holistic heath and wellness. She began her formal career in healing in 1995 at the since shuttered “Windwalk Institute” in Berkeley, CA. This first experience encouraged her to continue to seek out other unique teachers to guide her, and also to recognize her inner instructor who reveals itself through divine memory. Through this journey into becoming a healer, her connection to ancient landscape informed her work and the path she has traveled to discover her innate intuitive nature.

Lisa is a “Sacred Introvert” who only realized recently how much this has shaped her own life and responses to it. Having become a self proclaimed “Introvert Activist”, she hopes to not only empower other introverts to honor the SI in themselves but to educate the rest of the world on what it really means to be an introvert. The ultimate goal being, bring about a deeper understanding of the introvert point of view.

Lisa lives in Los Angeles with her furry companion Douglas Fur. She has been a volunteer for Best Friends Animal Society for over 20 years.


Discovering the Introvert Within


Introvert Within2Lisa self identified after seeing Susan Cain’s Ted Talk and being inspired to read her book Quiet. It was like her whole world changed in a matter of a few days. She no longer felt like she had a “social dysfunction”. Lisa felt empowered that there was a word that described her so accurately, “introvert”. She began to use it constantly to explain to everyone around her why she didn’t feel compelled to go out more often and why she needed more time on her own than they might need.

Having scientific evidence to point out that her own brain responded to stimulus differently, often made it easier for people to grasp why having a afternoon at home was heaven for her when their idea of heaven was walking around the mall looking for a new pair of shoes. It also helped Lisa to understand extroverts better.


The Introvert Paradox

GH_quote_thought bubbleHer Introversion is often quite a paradox to many people, including Lisa herself since she does not come across as shy.  This is part of the reason why she didn’t identify as an introvert sooner. Many people are under the erroneous impression that Introvert=Shy. One on one Lisa is passionately engaged. She can talk the ear off of an individual or stand up in front of a group if the subject matter is something she has a connection with.

This dichotomy has garnered Lisa a fair amount of extrovert friends. In the past, she would receive invitations to join in their version of a fun time, and start to feel like the biggest Debbie Downer because she was almost always inwardly searching for a reason not to go. If she made herself go, Lisa usually ended up feeling completely out of her element. She would end up making various attempts to merge on to the small talk highway, and almost always got cut off just as she thought a space was opening up. Inevitably causing her to slam on the proverbial brakes or cause a conversation collision. So most often, she sat mute. That made people think she was aloof.

If the situation became uncomfortable for her, she would trail off and find the bathroom or a garden she could admire or if she was super lucky a pet she could talk to!

The paradox only seemed to be enhanced by the fact that she did a lot of volunteer work and when she was doing it she was fully present, even if that meant talking to the public about the cause. This was due to the fact that she had a “job” to do and a reason for being there speaking on a subject that she cared about promoting. She realized that she had huge amounts of energy reserves for doing work in public that made her feel like it was making a difference. So, not only was the rest of the world confused, Lisa was too!


The Seed of SI Sprouts

Ginko LeafAfter reading Quiet she began to do some research. The more she dug around, the more she understood the struggle many introverts where still having understanding themselves and being understood in our overly extroverted, highly stimulated, sense driven world.

Lisa began to speak about this with many people in her life, both personal and professional, who she sensed may also be struggling with the “introvert paradox”. Not only was she sharing with other “unrealized” introverts what it meant to be an introvert, she was enlightening extroverts about what being an introvert actually meant.  The responses were always positive and people seemed interested in learning more about this new fresh view of  introversion.

For introverts, knowing and understanding who and what you are opens up a door to feeling a more complete sense of self. For extroverts, all of whom have at least a few introvert friends and family, Sacred Introvert will help you to understand the people you love more completely so you can support them.


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