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Sacred Introvert Retreat Tours

The first ever “Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour” will be offered as a way of creating communication, sharing and connection.  A travel experience for introverts by introverts.

The 10 day retreat tour will be taking place in May of 2015 and traveling to the “Kingdom of Wessex” in England. The Somerset/Wessex region of England is an area Lisa Avebury, Sacred Introvert’s founder and creator, knows well. She made her first trip there, traveling on her own, in 1995 and has been going back regularly ever since. This area of England, surrounded by green countryside, is dotted with ancient and mystical sites that fire the imagination and feed the soul. We will be staying in the market town of Glastonbury.

Some may have heard of Glastonbury due to the yearly music festival that is produced on a farm actually a few miles outside the town. Sometimes known as Avalon Glastonbury itself is beacon for seekers of all sorts due to its direct connection to the Arthurian Legend and the concentration of sites related to it in this small, pedestrian friendly town.

The Glastonbury Abbey Retreat house will be our home exclusively for the 10 days. The retreat is on 36 acres of parkland that includes the ruined Glastonbury Abbey. The Abbey was first built in the 7th Century and is a scheduled ancient monument.

Travel has always been an important part of Lisa’s life. She has made many solo voyages across the pond. Along the way she has gained many meaningful friendships and life experiences that have significantly impacted her. Only recently having had the realization that she was a “strong introvert” she understood more completely why she liked to travel and “have adventures” on her own.

In creating this first tour Lisa hopes to bring something she loves to like minded folks who may want to have a travel adventure but could not do it alone. Being an introvert herself Lisa understands the special needs and perspective of the introvert and is tailoring the experience to fill those needs. Having also spent a lot of time on quiet, introspective retreats she hopes to combine the idea of retreat and tour by offering group shared experiences visiting ancient landmarks (many off the beaten path) with lots of time to recharge in a beautiful and uplifting surrounding. Lisa has come to understand, through many years of travel looking out an introvert perspective, how important the journey is and hopes to offer a supportive and transformative experience to all who want to make this trip.


A note from Lisa, the Founder of Sacred Introvert:

I feel like I lived in Glastonbury in a past life.

The area has special mystical significance and is dotted with ancient landscape and sacred geometry. You can feel it. For this reason I have consistently been drawn back to the area over the years for my own personal retreats even living there for six months in 1998. Glastonbury itself also has a unique connection to the Arthurian Legend claiming to be where the Holy Grail is hidden as well as the final resting place of Arthur in Avalon.

My familiarity, connection and love of this area of England is what propelled me to want to share it with people on the first Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour. My hope is that it will continue to be a regular yearly excursion SI will offer.