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Helping Introverts Find Their Way

In The World

(Los Angeles, CA) – What do George Harrison, Gandhi, and Steve Wozniak have in common? While all achieved worldwide fame, these celebrated music, political, and business leaders could also be described as introverts.

“Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re shy,” said Lisa Avebury, founder of Sacred and Sacred Introvert Retreat Tours. “Introverts can be very outgoing and engaging when they’re passionate about something, but in their down time, are often misunderstood in this overly extroverted, highly stimulated, sense driven world.”

Scientific evidence shows that introverted brains responded to stimulus differently and can be more sensitive to situations that involve a lot of noise, movement, and people. Other energy-draining triggers for introverts can include ringing phones, voicemails, open office spaces, brainstorming, unexpected visitors and forced social interactions. 
“That’s why my idea of heaven may be reading a book at home, while an extrovert would consider going to the mall or a loud party nirvana,” Avebury said. 

Avebury, who describes herself as a strong introvert, was inspired to create Sacred after seeing Susan Cain’s Ted Talk and reading her bestselling book “Quiet.” 

 It was like my whole world changed in a matter of a few days. I no longer felt like I had a social dysfunction,” Avebury said. “It’s estimated that up to half of America’s population falls into the introvert category, yet so few people understand what that means. My hope is that introverts who visit and participate in what Sacred Introvert is offering will feel supported and uplifted by the knowledge that they too are just ‘introverted.’ And being just introverted is just fine.”

Avebury was also compelled to cater to a population that rarely gets targeted by the travel industry. Sacred Introvert Retreat Tours launches this May 1-10 with a tour of the “Kingdom of Wessex” region of England. The tour will focus on group shared experiences by visiting ancient landmarks (many off the beaten path) with lots of time to recharge in the beautiful, historical surroundings.

“Most travel tour excursions highlight many implied social gatherings or shuttle you from place to place with a guide talking over every thought you have. That’s not something introverts would be drawn to,” Avebury said. “Introverts most often prefer listening to their own thoughts and taking things in to hearing someone list facts.”

Guests of The Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour will stay at the Abbey Retreat on the grounds of the 7th Century ruined Glastonbury Abbey. Located on 37 acres of parkland and large enough for each participant to have their own room, the Abbey Retreat is within walking distance of all of the town’s main attractions and excursions to places on and off the beaten path (Avebury, Stonehenge, Wells Cathedral, Bath, Uffington Castle, Stanton Drew, etc.) will be offered every other day. Many optional informal opportunities for yoga, meditation, talks and walks will also be included throughout the Retreat Tour.

“The Sacred Introvert travel experience will provide the opportunity for quiet travelers to have their own room, yet be surrounded by like-minded people in surroundings that will refresh them,” Avebury said. “I would never want our guests to feel pressured to participate in anything, this is their time and they should spend it the way it feels right for them.” 

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