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Speaking Engagements & Customized Workshops

Are you involved in media, online radio or have a community group or class which would benefit from some discussion on introversion?

Shifting the introvert stereotype is good for business. Empower introverts to be their best and most creative in the workplace. Help extroverts understand their introvert coworkers more completely.

Lisa Avebury can create a customized workshop for your group or event and is also available to speak on debunking introvert myths and much more.

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Email:     Phone: (424) 258-6945

Wellness Counseling for Introverts

In conventional therapeutic settings introversion is often treated like something that needs to be cured. In Introvert Wellness Counseling we look to celebrate and enhance the unique perspective that introverts bring to life.

When challenges in any area of living are faced, together we inventory factors that may be contributing to it. And look at it from a perspective of what may be the underlying cause: physical, emotional, spiritual or heart centered.
Once the block is uncovered we can develop practical tools that work for you to remove it.

Lisa has been offering healing and wellness consulting services in Los Angeles since 1995. To find out more visit

Wellness Counseling for Introverts is available in person in the Los Angeles area and via Skype and phone everywhere.

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