Sacred Introvert’s Mission

Sacred Introvert was created to foster “Quality Intimacy” among the introvert community and beyond.

To do this we are creating a forum for introverts, quiet people, shy people and anyone wishing to expand their understanding of what it means to be an introvert. Community blogging, social media, workshops and the first ever “Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour” will be offered as a way of creating communication, sharing and connection.

Our Goals

  • Build bridges to assist extroverts and introverts to better understand each other.
  • Encourage the unique creativity and perspective introverts bring to any endeavor.
  • Smash introvert stereotypes.
  • Create safe spaces for introverts to express themselves.

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SI is committed to furthering the understanding of the true meaning and characteristics of “introvert”. Working towards debunking the introvert myths that have followed the word introvert for far too long. The founder, Lisa Avebury who is a self proclaimed introvert activist, is working towards fostering environments where introverts are understood and offered tools and space to express their true nature. This allows their gifts to not only shine but to be utilized. We here at Sacred Introvert are also vested in helping extroverts understand the introverts in their lives.

Contact Lisa

Phone: (424) 258-6845

WHAT is Sacred?

sa·cred : adj. Highly valued and important : deserving great respect : regarded with reverence

The Origin of the Word Introvert?

mid 17th century (as a verb in the general sense ‘turn one’s thoughts inward [in spiritual contemplation]’): from modern Latin introvertere, from intro- ‘to the inside’ +vertere ‘to turn’. Its use as a term in psychology dates from the early 20th century.

WHO is a Sacred Introvert?

A Sacred Introvert is anyone who self identifies as a introvert, shy person, quiet person or someone who needs quiet time on their own to recharge.

The “sacred” is about learning or continuing to “honor yourself” and your own core nature. Acknowledging that as an “introvert”, having this time on your own, with your thoughts and your surroundings, in private or in public-allows you to be all of who you are.

Sacred Introverts are quiet forces of nature, incubating in their time alone  and in communion with the sacred, be it a tree, a pen, a paint brush, a meditation or even just a cozy bed and a loving pet.  Taking this time to listen to what your head, heart and spirit need can help you be more productive and allow you to share more of who your are when you do interact with the rest of the world.

This site, the retreat tour, workshops and the blog are set up to encourage, support and empower the unfolding of the Introvert Spirit, so the special and unique perspective/gifts of the introvert can be shared with the world at large on a wider scale.

WHY now?

Lisa Avebury, the founder of Sacred Introvert, always felt as if  she was possibly not from this planet, but it was not until recently that she discovered that many of her quirks, desires and seeming “social dysfunction” had a name and that she was not alone in being an introvert.

She self identified as an introvert, the way many people did, after seeing Susan Cain’s Ted Talk and then being inspired to read her book Quiet.

Having become a self proclaimed “Introvert Activist” , Lisa hopes to not only empower other introverts to honor the SI in themselves but to educate the rest of the world on what it really means to be an introvert. The ultimate goal being, to bring about a deeper understanding of the introvert point of view.

Lisa tells her story in greater detail HERE and HERE.

Sacred Introvert is a work in progress and it is being created for all who feel a connection to what we stand for. We welcome your input. Please reach out with any questions, comments or suggestions.


Modern(and fairly fantastic) definition of introvert from the Urban Dictionary:

invisibleOpposite of extrovert. A person who is energized by spending time alone. Often found in their homes, libraries, quiet parks that not many people know about, or other secluded places, introverts like to think and be alone. Contrary to popular belief, not all introverts are shy. Some may have great social lives and love talking to their friends but just need some time to be alone to “recharge” afterwards. The word “Introvert” has negative connotations that need to be destroyed. Introverts are simply misunderstood because the majority of the population consists of extroverts.

invisible A typical conversation might be…

Extrovert: Oh my goodness, you’re so shy! You need to get out more!
Introvert: But it’s so draining – I don’t have a problem with going out; I just want to stay at home and read sometimes, y’know?